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5 benefits of using plastic shoe covers in the electronics industry

Author: Cheryl
Jun. 19, 2021
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Electronic laboratory uses plastic shoe covers

Common products in the electronics industry include mobile devices, TVs, and circuit boards. Industries within the electronics industry include telecommunications, networking, electronic components, industrial electronics, and consumer electronics. Have you ever walked into an electronic laboratory or workshop? It is an environment with very high environmental requirements and other special needs. Among them, Plastic shoe covers have a very important impact on this industry.

5 benefits of using plastic shoe covers in the electronics industry

Anti-Static-ESD plastic shoe covers

ESD shoe covers are specially designed to protect electrostatic sensitive devices and are ideal for environments where electrostatic discharge control is prioritized. ESD shoe covers are made of 100% spunbond polypropylene with conductive strips, these plastic shoe covers are designed to limit electrostatic discharge. Polypropylene now also recommended for COVID-19 mask filters.

keeping a clean room

There are different classifications of clean rooms. These classifications are based on the number and size of particles per cubic meter of air in the room. Some classifications can be operated under more relaxed requirements, while other classifications must be strictly controlled of which electronic clean room is one. Plastic shoe covers are essential when keeping a clean room clean. If employees do not install it correctly, they may emit a lot of particles into the room. Fabric and debris particles may move from their shoes into the air, or they may carry bacteria that may have unknown effects on tests conducted in the laboratory.


There are plastic shoe covers with or without non-slip tread. The non-slip tread, usually made of latex paint, can be an important safety item for laboratory workers because it helps prevent dangerous falls. Plastic shoe covers can help our workers away from water and pollution, as well as viruses.

Improves efficiency

The high-quality plastic shoe covers are easy to put on and take off, with a flexible elastic band fixed around the ankle to avoid slipping; Durable and breathable fabric that will not tear or jam, while still providing sufficient liquid and particle protection; Non-slip and strong The sole improves tracking and reduces the risk of slips and falls. Users can put on in only few seconds, and they can keep it for few hours and dont have to change another.

Improve customer satisfaction

Whether in medical buildings, office buildings or private residences, our clients appreciate those who choose to use shoe covers because of their attention to detail and professionalism. Many customers object to putting shoes at home for personal, health or religious reasons. Little plastic shoe covers can provide a reasonable choice when it is unsafe or inappropriate for staff to take off their shoes. In addition, customers will like the higher cleanliness provided by shoe covers and may feel more comfortable and safe in a given environment.


Plastic shoe covers have a very important impact on industries that have special requirements for the environment. The electronics industry is a very delicate and complex industry. The choice of shoe covers also requires seriousness, which will affect the professionalism and quality of products and services.

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