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5 tips for the maintenance of mask making machine

Author: Clarissa
Jun. 25, 2021
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After purchasing mask making machine, maintenance is essential. The leading maintenance is well done, the equipment runs smoothly, and the masks produced meet the standards. This detail has a large impact on the area. In addition, through the maintenance of the mask machine, the service life of the mask machine is greatly extended. Simply check whether the equipment circuit connector is loose, whether the power cord, signal line, etc. are worn out, whether the inside of the electric box is clean and dry, whether the exhaust fan is working normally, etc. But these are not the only things to check and maintain. Here are the five most comprehensive tips for the maintenance of mask making machine.

5 tips you must pay attention to after buying your mask making machine

1. Appearance

The masks produced by our equipment are worn on the face, and a few medical masks got to be brought into the OR . Therefore, what's needed for mask production is to stay the equipment clean and tidy, and plan to close up the facility equipment workbench at the top of the day. Alcohol and other disinfectants and volatile cleaners are often used for cleaning. 

2. Transmission system

The transmission of the labor protection mask machine includes motors, reducers, gears, sprockets, chains, belts and other accessories. Check whether there's dust on the surface of the motor that affects cooling . Oil the gears and sprockets regularly, check whether there are any attachments on them, whether the strain of the chain is acceptable , whether the connection of every transmission a part of the screw is loose, whether the grease of the reducer is sufficient, the grease must get replaced within 1000-1500 hours .

3. Electrical system

Check whether the electrical connector of the labor protection mask machine is loose, whether the facility cord and signal line are wiped out and aging? Loose electrical parts? the electrical box is clean and dry, and therefore the fan works normally.

4. Ultrasonic system

Ultrasonic system includes ultrasonic electric box, impact, welding head, connecting wire. Checking whether the ultrasonic system of the labor protection mask machine is clean, especially the ultrasonic electric box, which must be dry cleaned without any stagnant water, so that the connection line must be firm. Besides, check the degree of wear and tear of the ultrasonic welding head frequently and observe the pointer range of the voltmeter and ammeter of the ultrasonic electric box.

5. Power supply system

Power supply system composed of air filtration system, pipes and cylinders. Air filter cover, check whether there's water within the mask making machine, and compressor exhaust. Checking whether there's leakage within the air pipe and cylinder, and whether the position and action of the cylinder magnetic sensor are normal. 



The maintenance of face mask making machine must be carried out after the power failure. The maintenance of the automatic mask machine is important. It can not only delay the decline of precision of folding mask machine, but also reduce the chance of equipment repair. Of course, the premise of maintenance is to have a high-quality mask machine. Choosing a reputable mask machine supplier is the first step. Mask making machine is the equipment that needs to be carefully selected for frequent inspection and maintenance, so this is a long-term job. 

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