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Best 8 Inch Guitar Speakers-Selection Guide

Author: Franke
Aug. 23, 2021
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When it comes to practicing at home, you don't need to be as loud as possible. That's why it's often unreasonable to use 4x12 speakers. There are several types of small speakers that can provide high quality sound at much lower volumes. Today we're going to talk about 8-inch speakers. They are cheaper than their 10-inch counterparts and offer better sound than 6-inch speakers. But unfortunately, their model range is much shorter than that of 12-inch speakers.

But don't worry, we've spent a lot of time doing research and testing to compile a list of reviews of the top products on the market. 

Best 8 Inch Guitar Speakers

1. CELESTION Eight 15 8 ohm

When it comes to guitar amps, the first brand you'll hear is, of course, Celestion

The 12-inch Vintage 30 of Celestion has become the standard speaker for players of many genres. But now we're talking about his little brother, the Celestion Eight 15. it's available in 8-ohm or 4-ohm versions. If you're not practicing in ultra-high gain sound, it's a perfect choice for you. It has a frequency range between 100 Hz and 5 kHz and has an almost flat frequency response with peaks at 1200 Hz and 2 kHz. The resonance frequency is 120 Hz. It has the exact shape of the FR. 

If you play on a clean sound or a tight sound, the Eight 15 will give you a balanced sound. Not so bright and not so fat. Plus, this amp can be a good starting point for your sonic journey. the frequency response of the Eight 15 is almost flat, and it can be a good reference for your future tone. 

CELESTION Eight 15 8 ohm.jpg

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2. Eminence Patriot 820H 8"

If your playing style is aggressive, check out the Eminence Patriot 820H. It's a lightweight 20-watt, 4-ohm speaker with ceramic magnets. It has a slightly cut midrange, powerful lows and sharp highs. It has a frequency range of 80 to 4600 Hz, with a resonant frequency of 144 Hz. The Patriot is not as bright as the Eight 15, but has more punch in the crisp sound and is less muddy in the mid and high gain. 

If you're a rock or metal guitarist, the Patriot 820H won't turn your sound to mud. It will also give you a very clear sound with lots of treble if you play in clean or crunch. 

Eminence Patriot 820H 8.jpg

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3. IBR 8 Inch

Guitar amps, also known as front speakers, are the main speakers responsible for providing music playback to the amp's amplifier. This is why they are usually placed in front of the guitar's soundboard, on either side of the bridge. The other two speakers are called tweeters and are placed further back on the guitar's soundboard. The guitar's pickup consists of a magnet and a voice coil with thin metal wires wrapped around the sides to provide a magnetic field for picking up the sound. The voice coil draws energy from the magnet to produce the tonal characteristics. 


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4. Jensen MOD8-20

It's almost a perfect choice for jazz or blues players. But the Jensen Mod 8-20 excels in other genres as well. It is smooth, abrupt and fat. The dominance of the bass makes it less suitable for many metal styles, but if you try it, the results can be very interesting. In addition, it has a very pronounced mid-cut. Another bonus is that the Mod 8-20 is available in 8 and 4 ohm versions, so you can get the impedance you need for your amp.

This may not be the most versatile speaker, but if you like smooth tones and aren't afraid to experiment, this could improve your sound and get some inspiration.

Jensen MOD8-20.jpg

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5.Warehouse Guitar Amps G8C 8" - Runner Up

There aren't many 8" models in the Warehouse Guitar Amp model lineup. The only two are WGS's G8C and G8A. The G8C is WGS's budget offering. It has a smooth sounding core with sharp highs. Don't worry about your overdriven tone turning to mud, every note will have a noticeable impact. The clean tone is warm and rich. Although the core sound is smooth, the overall tone is brighter than that of the Eminence Patriot 820. This makes the WGS G8C one of the most versatile speakers on our list. 

Warehouse Guitar Speakers G8C 8 - Runner-up.jpg

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6. Jensen - (C8R8)

This is the brightest-sounding speaker on our list. the Jensen Vintage C8R combines low-mid cut with treble boost for crystal-clear tone on the clean channels of the amp. This also makes this speaker one of the best choices for aggressive high-gain sound. The other is his Alnico-based counterpart, the P8R. 

The overall tone of this speaker puts it somewhere between the Jensen Vintage P8R and the Jensen Mod (which stands for "modern") 8-20. Tight and clear, the C8R will make for a more enjoyable and inspiring exercise in the heavy genre. the C8R is available in 8-ohm (C8R8) and 4-ohm (C8R4) versions.

Jensen - (C8R8).jpg

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7. Jensen - (P8R8)

The AlNiCo-based Jensen Vintage P8R is not as tight and aggressive as its ceramic-based counterpart, but it offers a warmer tone and smooth overdrive. The main difference is in the high frequencies. the P8R has a treble cut at 8 kHz, but the frequencies between 2 and 5 kHz are slightly boosted. Also, the boost at 1 kHz provides a less tight sound. 

In the low end, the P8R is identical to the C8R. The P8R is available in 8-ohm (P8R8) and 4-ohm (P8R4) versions, so you can get speakers that match the output impedance of your amplifier. 

Jensen - (P8R8).jpg

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8. G8A Alnico - (Honorable Mention)

This is the most expensive speaker in our list. The Warehouse Guitar Speaker G8A is the maximum for an eight-inch speaker. Crystal clear, bright and warm, it gives you all the advantages of an Alnico-based speaker at the same time. Every note is noticeable, even at high gain sounds. If you like a smooth sound, this may not be the choice for you. But on the other hand, this is as versatile a speaker as you'll find for an 8-inch speaker. 

G8A AlNiCo - (Honorable mention).png

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The Buyer’s Guide

The first thing to know is that the 8-inch speakers are mostly suitable for practicing at low volume. They are cheaper, lighter and smaller than the most popular speakers, the 12-inches. But they also need an amplifier with low output power. For example, five out of six speakers from the list above are 20 Watt speakers. So they should not be used with the high output amplifier without an attenuator. 

Also, you should check the impedance of the amp and the speaker. Using the 4-ohm speaker with an 8-ohm amplifier without an additional load box will damage your amp. 

Next, you’ll get to know the sound of the speaker. Of course, you can look at is frequency response, but many people without special education would not understand anything from it. So if your combo amp supports the connection of an external speaker cabinet you can connect it to the cabinet equipped with the desired speaker and just listen to the sound. 

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