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What Are The Best Cheap Headphones In 2021

Author: Franke
Jan. 18, 2021
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Although the new year has started, the new crown epidemic continues, so you should pay attention to protection, it is best to stay home and not go out. Stay at home must find some entertainment projects, otherwise it will be very boring, listening to music, playing games, watching old movies are good choices. Since so this article I bring you a few cheap headphones, so you can enjoy the perfect audio-visual experience at home.

Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Headphones.jpeg


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▶If you're looking for a clean, well-made entry-level studio headphone that sounds good and won't cost you an arm and a leg, then the Audio-Technical ATH-M20x will do more than just get the job done.

Pros: Well-made, comfortable to wear, reasonably priced, sturdy 3.5mm cable with 6.3mm adapter for use with audio equipment

Cons: lack of bass response compared to its titular (and expensive) cousin

▶Buyer Reviews

Performed as expected, delivery excellent.

As usual BB's delivery info was very, very good. the product arrived and works exactly as it should. the headphones are used for The headphones are used for training and seem to be comfortable and easy to wear for an hour or so.

Tascam TH-02 Closed Back Studio Headphones

Tascam TH-02 .jpeg


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▶The Tascam TH-02 is a pair of rugged over-ear headphones that offer unbeatable value for sound with a large and well-separated sound in a closed-back design.

Pros: sturdy construction, good sound quality, comfortable to wear for long periods of time, closed-back design isolates sound well

Cons: Ear cups do not breathe, vinyl covering with padded headband tends to fall off after a while

▶Buyer Reviews

A helmet just perfect!

This helmet taped me! Literally!

The design is very nice, nice finishes, the Bluetooth function works perfectly, the wired function cuts the Bluetooth and the small jack has a very appreciable security, but above all, the ..... SOUND is simply PERFECT! Very well balanced, so clear that you won't listen to your favorite music in the same way anymore! Really! I completely rediscovered mine! And when I tried these headphones to connoisseurs they all told me the same thing ... these headphones are very good ! They were as amazed as I was about the quality/price ratio ! Wow ! What a bargain! I recommend it 500% !

I also tested it on my game console and it's even better! It makes your gaming experience much more immersive than before! I can't do without it anymore! Many thanks to OneOdio for offering us such a high quality headset at this unbeatable price!

Koss Porta Pro

Koss Porta Pro.jpeg


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▶If you're going to ditch the earbuds for something still compact but more powerful, look no further than the highly portable and surprisingly high sounding Koss PortaPro.

Pros: Impressive sound quality for its size, very lightweight for in-ear headphones, super portable with a foldable design, but surprisingly durable

Cons: In-ear design does not isolate noise

▶Buyer Reviews

April 29, 2020

Not as good as the original, also the left side kept cutting out so I had to return them to the store without a hassle, now And luckily my neighbor delivered them to me.

Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear

Mpow 059 .jpeg


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▶Bluetooth headsets may come across or miss, but the wireless Mpow 059 offers surprising comfort, sound quality and durability at an incredible price.

Advantages: sturdy structure, convenient folding design, surprisingly good sound for paired wireless headphones, it comes with a wired cable, which is of high value

Disadvantages: the wireless sound signal will not be as deep or too thin as the wired connection, the microphone can only be used in Bluetooth mode

▶Buyer Reviews

August 7, 2019

I bought these as a gift for my 6 year old Grand Daughter. I am so surprised and thrilled with the quality of the sound. Very user friendly. She absolutely loves them. MawMaw might have to buy another pair for other grand child. Highly recommend for anyone.

HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset.jpeg


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▶When you need to get gaming, you need the right headset for the job, and Kingston's excellent HyperX Cloud Stinger gives you everything you need for an intense gaming session without adding to the workload.

Pros: Beats similar headsets in price range, attractive and comfortable design, good audio and microphone quality, compatible with all modern gaming platforms

Cons: The microphone folds down, but can not be removed

▶Buyer Reviews

awesome headset but lacks bass

awesome headset. fits around your ears, real comfy for long time of using. only thing is I like my bass a bit louder than these Only thing is I like my bass a bit louder than these can provide, but the way they fit makes me forget all my complaints. totally recomend unless you can afford the higher end model, or really want super bass headphones

iFrogz Impulse Duo headphones

iFrogz Impulse Duo headphones .jpeg


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▶The iFrogz Impulse Dox headset offers good sound quality for a price, with a design which has yet to be confronted by the bug by other Bluetooth headsets I've tried.

Pros: Excellent design, good sound, moderately priced Bluetooth connection

Cons: Sound quality is not as good as the other options on this list

▶Buyer Reviews

Quality Audio

These are the second pair of ifrogz i have purchased, the first the impulse were very good these the duo are a different level !

The audio quality is fantastic, 2 drivers = quality audio, bass, treble, crystal clear!

Battery level is close to the 10 hours they state depending on volume

£12 these are an absolute bargin !

JLab Audio JBuds Air

JLab Audio JBuds Air .jpeg


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▶The JLab Audio JBuds Air offers a truly wireless design that is all the more comfortable and sounds good too.

Pros: Sleek design, great sound, cheap price

Cons: buttons can be tricky, some connection problems

▶Buyer Reviews

Surprisingly secure fit!

At first, I thought I would have issues with these earbuds staying in my ears, I was very surprised by how securely they fit! I previously have steered clear of true wireless earbuds that did have ear loops to secure them to my head, out of fear and experience with the earbuds falling out when running, biking, or just walking around the house. The fit on these earbuds, and the 3 included tips for your ear canal, really pair up nicely to give you a solid, secure, and comfortable fit! The sound quality is good, JLAB offers 3 different equalizer settings that allow you to adjust the sound in the earbuds, the size of the case is absolutely fantastic! The carrying case is small enough to fit in pants pockets but big enough where it won't get lost in a backpack or purse, the earbuds are also held in by magnets to ensure they won't fall out of the case if it happens to open up. Extremely quick and easy setup (including instructions right on the packaging so you don't have to dig out the manual)!

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