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What Are the Advantages of LED Track Lights?

Author: venusgeng
Aug. 23, 2022
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Advantage 1: Just now we know that the track light is LED as the source of light, which is characterized by low heat, no radiation, no heavy metal pollution, the color is purer than other lamps, the luminous efficiency is also high, no mercury and other harmful substances, is healthy and environmental protection of the light source.

SMD Technology and COB Technology

Advantage two: the greater advantage of track light is energy saving, in the same brightness, LED light power consumption only needs 40%-60% of the ordinary metal halide track;  

White LEDs use only one-tenth as much energy as incandescent bulbs and one-quarter as much as CFLs. You can see how powerful energy saving is.

Advantages of LED Track Lights


Advantage three: of course, we are more concerned about the life of the track light, in fact, you do not have to worry about it, because its life can reach more than 100,000 hours;  

The life of a normal halide track light is about 8,000 hours, which is many times longer, so you have no reason to worry.


Fresh Food Lighting

Advantages four: track light usually uses 220V DC power supply, low calorific value, no thermal radiation, cold light source, can safely touch, and accurately control the light type and light Angle, light color is soft, no glare;  

Substances that are unlikely to endanger health. A built-in microprocessing system can control the intensity of light, and adjust the way of light, to achieve the perfect combination of light and art.


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• Track light is made of high-quality aluminum, high-grade and durable;  

• Light source deep hidden anti-glare design, can create a comfortable lighting environment;  

• Using an efficient COB module, high light efficiency, reliable and durable, ultra-high finger display, up to 90, can perfectly restore the real color of the object illuminated;  

• Accurate reflector, accurate light distribution, can effectively remove excess stray light;  

• built-in cross-flow high conversion rate drive, to ensure the service performance and life of lamps; 

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