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Packaging Machine or Multihead Weigher, How to Feed Them?

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Sep. 23, 2023
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1. Loading height for bulk products

2. The different types of loading

3. Turnkey installation


The multihead weighers are particularly used for the packaging of bulk products such as dried fruits, vegetables, cookies, candies, frozen products...

The multihead weighers are generally used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.


The operating principle is the simultaneous weighing of several hoppers and the association of 2, 4 or 6 weighing hoppers which ensure the target weight with a high precision and a high rate.

New Generation Economic 10 Heads Multihead Weigher


1. Loading height for bulk products


Due to their height, the feeding point of multihead weighers is often high. The products are then packed on a bag, sack, drum or bucket packing machine. The feeding height of the weigher is therefore usually more than 3 or 4 meters.


2. The different types of loading


ㆍLoading with vibratory feeders

Some applications allow direct feeding by the operator via a loading table.

The operator empties the bins, trays or bags on this loading area and a vibrating feeder ensures the feeding of the packaging machine. In these configurations, the operator works on a platform.


ㆍLoading by pendulum bucket conveyor

The most common application for feeding fragile bulk materials to the weigher is the pendulum bucket conveyor. The pendulum bucket conveyor meets all the criteria of the application and is perfectly suited for packaged products. The advantages of choosing this bucket conveyor technology are: high throughput, no product breakage, flow controlled feeding, equipment hygiene and cleanability.


ㆍLoading with belt conveyors

Belt conveyors are an alternative to tilt bucket conveyors but offer fewer advantages. The floor space is larger and the containment (hygiene) is less controlled. Also, the alternative by transfer screw remains possible for products not very sensitive to breakage.


3. Turnkey installation


Numerous peripheral options exist such as magnetic detection, handling assistance for your packaged products, sampling, humidity control, nitrogenation of packages and cleaning in place of your lines (CIP)...


For all your multihead weigher loading applications, contact the Accubal team which will be able to offer you the ideal solution adapted to your constraints thanks to its experience.

The handling of bulk and fragile products with high hygiene constraints must be entrusted to specialists! Contact us now!

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