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Things About OPGW Suspension Assemblies

Author: venusgeng
Jul. 29, 2022
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OPGW suspension assemblies have excellent dynamic stress tolerance and these stresses are evenly distributed. opgw cables are protected by a large contact area between the suspension assembly and the hanger wire. In addition, sufficient grip ensures the safety of the OPGW cables and they are perfect for overhead lines and distribution equipment.


Why choose OPGW suspension assemblies?

The uniform distribution of stresses and the absence of concentration points strengthen the installation of optical cables and provide excellent protection for them. In addition, they are simple in structure, stable in operation, corrosion resistant and reliable in quality.

In addition to OPGW suspension assemblies, you may want to know some information about opgw suspension clamp assemblies. They help to support earthing wires and conductors hanging from poles and towers.


Suspension clamps ADSS cables

Application: The ADSS prefabricated rod suspension clamp is used to stop the path of ADSS ropes. It functions similarly to an anchor point. We recommend using straight rods with an intersection angle of 30° or less.


Single Suspension for OPGW

Single Suspension for OPGW

Single Suspension for OPGW

Suspension Set for OPGW used primarily for straight-sided drop tower, or less than 15 º line tower connection. Clamp screw from the inside and outside the two pre-twisted wire, hanging head and supporting the composition of connecting fittings. Clamp grip strength is greater than the tensile strength of fiber optic cable rated 10% -20%, for the transfer axial loads, and distributed radial compressive stress, better protection of fiber optic cable, to avoid the phenomenon of bending stresses and stress concentration.


Double Suspension for OPGW

Double Suspension Set For OPGW with the use of double-Suspension design, including the inner and outer pre-twisted wire to connect two sets of hanging head and matching fittings. Clamp has excellent fatigue resistance, mainly for large height difference, span more than 800 meters or unilateral overhang angle is 30-36 º line tower connection.

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Double Suspension for OPGW

Double Suspension for OPGW

Features of the double-hung assembly

1. Rational distribution of low-strength stresses improves the load-bearing capacity for energy stresses (vibration or waving). Storage can reach 10% to 20% of this RTS cable for double stop assemblies.

2. tensioning of the rope (elastic buckle) to reduce wear and tear

3. Thanks to the advantages of the material, the ring is extremely flexible and strong, very resistant to fatigue and corrosion and durable.

4. Secures the power cord. Smooth polished appearance makes the corona leak-proof and minimises electrical damage.


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